Grand Theft Auto V: The 3 Endings

Depending on which ending or how you want to end GTA V that’s up to the player. I personally didn’t kill either of them so I’m gonna say some spoilers as a warning for those who haven’t finished the story mode. I picked the death wish option or whatever it’s called. I believe it’s the last option on the players phone. I picked this because I like Michael and Trevor (even though they have a lot of issues with themselves).So they defend themselves and cut some loose ends and Devin Weston is buried at sea.

Depending on how you view each of these characters we are gonna talk about Michael’s ending. Now I personally thought this ending was sad because everything was starting to look up for Michael and I think the term I would use is gut wrenching. Not only that you chose to kill him but you are taking him away from his very own family. Afterwards as you chase him all the way on top of some industry and get to him he’s hanging by a thread (almost quite literally) you either have the choice to drop him or help him.

Now Trevor was also a sad one to put down because he was always telling the truth. Sure he has a lot of problems and people viewed him differently. By picking this option you are practically betraying Trevor’s trust in you. After another chase all the way to an oil field/production site you have him at gun point as he’s laying their. So it’s up to you whether to pull the trigger or simply don’t.

At the conclusion of it all. I would say I enjoyed the story mode, but what is all of you’re guys take on GTA V story mode!

Grand Theft Auto V part 2

Continuing from part 1. So eventually Michael,Trevor and Franklin have to work together with each other so they don’t get caught by a government so they have to work with a government. Yeah I know that sounds weird but Michael from the beginning of the game faked his death and that same exact government was involved and helped him have a fresh restart. Well it lasted at least a decent amount of time until he was thrown into the thick of it and problems with his family. So if they do the governments dirty jobs they won’t go to jail or worse.

You’ll also encounter some weirdos in the game and no I’m not putting that lightly or joking lol. Eventually while your enjoying your time in story mode and reaching towards the end of the game you have to do the big score with all 3 of the characters and depending how your approach is stealth or go in guns blazing that’s up to you as the player. Once you succeed towards the end your gonna have 3 options in front of you and your playing as Franklin and you have to choose only one of them. Devin one of the smug rich guys wants you to kill Michael but you also have to kill Trevor since he’s on a hitlist from the FIB. “Oh no which choice should I do but wait theirs a 3rd option called death wish?!” I personally chose death wish where you don’t kill Michael and Trevor.

Yes they both aren’t perfect individuals but I’m not gonna kill them because they are pretty good characters. Anyways if you do pick this option you get to kick devins butt off a cliff but I’ll leave the other options as a “cliffhanger” for now.

Fallout: New Vegas part 3

Last post I was talking about was factions and covered the legion already and if you haven’t read that read part 2 please. So the next faction we will be talking about is the NCR (New California Republic). This faction holds old world ideals and is a form of government that wants to go back too how it was before. You can side with this faction since they’re “good” but at the same time if you play the game and see how the NCR are you’ll quickly realize they are not as reliable or good as they say they are. They can be completely useless and dumb.

Sure yes at least they have some government unlike the legion that works like a dictatorship. The NCR can be easily corrupted,the NCR soldiers can be killed easily by the legion themselves plus people in the Mojave wasteland don’t really find them as reliable but hey if you like the NCR go right ahead. Now I don’t know if this counts as a faction but next we have Mr.House the big cheese of Vegas. Mr.House is the guy you eventually meet because from the beginning of the game you we’re tasked to delivering something to him. Did you piece it together already? Because if so then you just realized that’s why you got shot in the head.

Now if you pick Mr.House he is just gonna be just focusing on Vegas and doesn’t plan on helping the wasteland even though he’s smart enough to help anyways but Vegas is his main priority. Now last faction is yourself. Now your probably wondering “what the hell are you talking about?”. Well let me just say you can take Vegas for yourself if you do choose this option. I’ll talk a bit more of this another time.

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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V a game where you can quite literally commit Grand Theft Auto. In this game you play as three characters in story mode. Theirs an online mode but I’ll talk about that another time. Anyways you first play as Michael. A man who just wants to settle down with his family and not run any gigs or scores (robberies).

Yet things don’t really go his way since his past life starts to catch up to him and an old buddy comes in for a visit. Oh and his family isn’t really doing so hot since they have a lot of problems but not as much as the guy I’m about to talk about next. Now we have Trevor. Trevor is a uh “interesting” individual who as issues with his life and his childhood wasn’t good which made him the way he is. After he thought Michael was dead he was doing his own thing being Trevor. Smelling gasoline, having intercourse with ladies who don’t look like their in their prime anymore and selling drugs for his business.

Eventually he caught wind that Michael could still be alive due to a robbery that was on the news. Finally we have Franklin. Franklin was struggling in his life. Living with his aunt whose a complete idiot,his crush being married to someone,his friend Lamar doing stupid stuff and doesn’t have the money. So eventually he meets Michael at some point in a certain way and eventually they get together to pull off a score of which was on the news just how Trevor caught wind of it. So the story goes in even deeper and Michael gets placed between a rock and a hard place and now Trevor and Franklin are involved in it.

Fallout:New Vegas part 2

While your playing fallout:New Vegas it is critical that you have a good build while your trying to make it to the strip which is off in the distance. Doing the side quests are going to be the most important after all but be very careful with the deathclaw side quest because that just was not fun too me. As you arrive at the strip to confront Benny (the man that shot you the player) obviously you are going to have some choices. Kill,spare and well kill. That’s up to you ladies and gentlemen to decide. What I did was talk to him a bit until he back stabs you and flees as far as he can.

This is where the real kicker comes into play because at some point you will have to go to the base of the legion. At this point I realized in fallout:New Vegas in this game their will be four factions you get to choose so let me just explain them in my way. First up like i mentioned is the legion. The legion is a tough bunch and you don’t want to mess with them until your stats are good and with some good gear. The legion believe in old world values like how the romans did and have a strong leadership and system. The downside to this faction is that they support slavery and crucifixation so it’s kind of hard to tell if they are good or bad but if you want my opinion uh well I didn’t really bother pissing them off or even siding with them as long as they didn’t go after me. I’ll probably most likely talk about factions on another post since I can only type a certain amount. Tune in next time.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the most critically acclaimed games that people absolutely loved. Now the question is why do people like this game so much? Now that’s a good question so let’s get our gear, scavenge and patrol the mojave wasteland. Now I will try not to say any spoilers for others who want to play the game and experience it the way they want too. Now in this fallout game it’s obvious your gonna be going around exploring and decimating enemies while your exploring and looting, but their is more then meets the eye.

In the beginning of the story you the player get shot which leads to the question of “Why did this person shoot me?” Then you customize your character how you want to and certain special perks that you only get to pick two. Preferably pick the wild wasteland because you will find some interesting encounters. Like getting an Indiana jones hat (You’ll know what I mean once you find it). Anyways back to what I was saying. You get shot and you customize your character then you set out on your journey to find the man who shot you in the head. Now along the way obviously their are going to be side quests that you can do to better your character and experience, but that is up to the player. Side quests can be very rewarding but can prove difficult like for an example venturing into a cave of deathclaws and finding a unique grenade launcher like that’s a perfect example. While your on merry way to find the man and search for clues and a good arsenal of weapons off in the distance a bright place will emit and New Vegas (The strip) is the place you need to go.

Gamers; Youtube is The Place To Be

Youtube gamers are those individuals who post their gameplays of videogames on the platform of videos called “Youtube” which is one of its kind as it’s the platform that manages to move the most digital content on the planet and on the internet thanks to their multiple tools and easy access that grants for those individuals like gamers to post their content without too many problems.

They can manage to build a solid community or group with free subscriptions to be totally informed when that channel posts new content.

Youtube gamers are fairly recognized for being individuals of all kind of types, they could be charismatic individuals with a lot of charms or just someone who want to show off their skills to others without any kind of commentary. Read more »

Do You Know What a Good Gaming Headset Is Supposed to Be?

For many years, gamers have stood away from wireless peripherals. Gaming headsets are essential for a gamer and most of them are still wired. This fear of wireless headphones comes from the fear of latency. In gaming, it is important to hear sounds without any delay. As wireless technology got better, wireless gaming headsets have become a reliable option.

A paramount piece of every gaming headset is the microphone. Regardless of the headphones are wireless or not, the quality of the microphone is important.

Lastly, a good gaming headset needs to be comfortable. Earbuds with a built-in microphone will not cut it. A gaming session that lasts for several hours means that your ears will experience fatigue from wearing earbuds. The same goes for on-ear headphones. Read more »

Oculus; Virtual Reality You Need to Try

Oculus is a brand that is owned by Facebook Technologies and its main objective and purpose are to build and deliver Virtual Reality headsets that receive the name of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift which are one of the biggest innovations not only in the gaming industry but also in the technological world as it provides multiple tools to enjoy multiple VR games an give the user a unique experience that seems to be like something out of this world.

The reason why they have become so popular is that VR games and video products are getting more advanced and popular with the pass of time, making them a very demanded product in this technological world.

With the pass of time and the development of more advanced technology, it’s possible to hold VR events in games, meetings, listen to live music and events in VR, and also enjoy other virtual experiences, Read more »

Battlefield 2042: Back to Basics

The upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise is much anticipated. The most recent installment, Battlefield V, was a disappointment to many, and Battlefield 2042 seeks to remedy some of the issues that plagued the current iteration.

For next-generation console owners (PS5, Xbox Series X/S), Battlefield 2042 is set to up the ante with gameplay being expanded to include 64 vs 64 gameplay. At first blush, that could seem to be overly chaotic, even for the Battlefield franchise. A deeper look, given what we’ve seen in trailers, appears to indicate the map sizes have been increased accordingly. So expect some action around the objective points but overall a well-balanced map.

Those maps also appear to have severe weather during gameplay. Read more »

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