Battlefield 2042: Back to Basics

The upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise is much anticipated. The most recent installment, Battlefield V, was a disappointment to many, and Battlefield 2042 seeks to remedy some of the issues that plagued the current iteration.

For next-generation console owners (PS5, Xbox Series X/S), Battlefield 2042 is set to up the ante with gameplay being expanded to include 64 vs 64 gameplay. At first blush, that could seem to be overly chaotic, even for the Battlefield franchise. A deeper look, given what we’ve seen in trailers, appears to indicate the map sizes have been increased accordingly. So expect some action around the objective points but overall a well-balanced map.

Those maps also appear to have severe weather during gameplay. This was briefly experimented with within a limited sense in Battlefield V, with Battlefield 2042 seeming to expand upon the idea. The roles of classes are changing as well, with the new introduction of “Specialists” sure to play a major role in gameplay.

Much more will be known once the open beta is available to those who pre-ordered the game. Until then, we’ll continue to take what we can get from the developers.

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