Fallout: New Vegas part 3

Last post I was talking about was factions and covered the legion already and if you haven’t read that read part 2 please. So the next faction we will be talking about is the NCR (New California Republic). This faction holds old world ideals and is a form of government that wants to go back too how it was before. You can side with this faction since they’re “good” but at the same time if you play the game and see how the NCR are you’ll quickly realize they are not as reliable or good as they say they are. They can be completely useless and dumb.

Sure yes at least they have some government unlike the legion that works like a dictatorship. The NCR can be easily corrupted,the NCR soldiers can be killed easily by the legion themselves plus people in the Mojave wasteland don’t really find them as reliable but hey if you like the NCR go right ahead. Now I don’t know if this counts as a faction but next we have Mr.House the big cheese of Vegas. Mr.House is the guy you eventually meet because from the beginning of the game you we’re tasked to delivering something to him. Did you piece it together already? Because if so then you just realized that’s why you got shot in the head.

Now if you pick Mr.House he is just gonna be just focusing on Vegas and doesn’t plan on helping the wasteland even though he’s smart enough to help anyways but Vegas is his main priority. Now last faction is yourself. Now your probably wondering “what the hell are you talking about?”. Well let me just say you can take Vegas for yourself if you do choose this option. I’ll talk a bit more of this another time.

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