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Gamers; Youtube is The Place To Be

Youtube gamers are those individuals who post their gameplays of videogames on the platform of videos called “Youtube” which is one of its kind as it’s the platform that manages to move the most digital content on the planet and on the internet thanks to their multiple tools and easy access that grants for those […]

Do You Know What a Good Gaming Headset Is Supposed to Be?

For many years, gamers have stood away from wireless peripherals. Gaming headsets are essential for a gamer and most of them are still wired. This fear of wireless headphones comes from the fear of latency. In gaming, it is important to hear sounds without any delay. As wireless technology got better, wireless gaming headsets have […]

Oculus; Virtual Reality You Need to Try

Oculus is a brand that is owned by Facebook Technologies and its main objective and purpose are to build and deliver Virtual Reality headsets that receive the name of Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift which are one of the biggest innovations not only in the gaming industry but also in the technological world as it […]

Battlefield 2042: Back to Basics

The upcoming installment in the Battlefield franchise is much anticipated. The most recent installment, Battlefield V, was a disappointment to many, and Battlefield 2042 seeks to remedy some of the issues that plagued the current iteration. For next-generation console owners (PS5, Xbox Series X/S), Battlefield 2042 is set to up the ante with gameplay being […]

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