Grand Theft Auto V part 2

Continuing from part 1. So eventually Michael,Trevor and Franklin have to work together with each other so they don’t get caught by a government so they have to work with a government. Yeah I know that sounds weird but Michael from the beginning of the game faked his death and that same exact government was involved and helped him have a fresh restart. Well it lasted at least a decent amount of time until he was thrown into the thick of it and problems with his family. So if they do the governments dirty jobs they won’t go to jail or worse.

You’ll also encounter some weirdos in the game and no I’m not putting that lightly or joking lol. Eventually while your enjoying your time in story mode and reaching towards the end of the game you have to do the big score with all 3 of the characters and depending how your approach is stealth or go in guns blazing that’s up to you as the player. Once you succeed towards the end your gonna have 3 options in front of you and your playing as Franklin and you have to choose only one of them. Devin one of the smug rich guys wants you to kill Michael but you also have to kill Trevor since he’s on a hitlist from the FIB. “Oh no which choice should I do but wait theirs a 3rd option called death wish?!” I personally chose death wish where you don’t kill Michael and Trevor.

Yes they both aren’t perfect individuals but I’m not gonna kill them because they are pretty good characters. Anyways if you do pick this option you get to kick devins butt off a cliff but I’ll leave the other options as a “cliffhanger” for now.

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